TAKE5 Vegan Makeup Brush Set

5-in-1 makeup brush

The best makeup brush set you’ve never heard of.. until now!

The TAKE5 Vegan Makeup Brush Set is a versatile 5 in 1 makeup brush set made from super soft synthetic bristles we designed with your whole routine in mind. Why? Because we cool like dat!! It also means you can apply liquids, powders or creams! Getting ready in 5 min or less has never been easier.

Blend, dab, contour, highlight, conceal or set. TAKE5 has you totally covered!

1 face brush - foundation, powder, contour, blush, highlighter
1 angled brush - eyeliner, brows
1 flat brush - eyeshadow, lip
1 fluffy brush - eyeshadow, face powder
1 dense brush - eyeshadow, concealer

✔ 5 in 1 vegan makeup brush set 
✔ Travel friendly, functional, and super cute! 
✔ Cruelty-free makeup brushes
✔ Clear brush caps for a mess-free makeup bag
✔ Hot tip! Use caps as brush holders

Everything you love in a brush, like nothing you’ve ever used before!

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